MCT Brattberg - Cable & Pipe Sealing Transits for Rail

MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transit system is a multi-purpose seal designed to allow penetration without compromising the security of the construction. Each and every cable and pipe is led through a transit frame by its own pair of halogen-free module transit blocks, which are then sealed by use of a compression system.

Cable and Pipe Protection Systems for Railways
The railway industry presents challenges for the protection of cables and pipes. Cable and pipe penetrations exist whenever services are routed through walls, floors and ceilings. In an emergency situation these cable and pipe penetrations could allow the passage of hazards such as fire, smoke and gas.

The unique MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transit system has been approved by the rail industry as a suitable method of sealing such penetrations.

Lycron Rubber Sealing Systems for High Resistance
The MCT Brattberg cable transit system is based on an idea that is as simple as it is ingenious. The product consists of two components - the transit frame and packing blocks. The efficient cable or pipe seal is achieved when the packing blocks are pressed together around cables and pipes in the frame with the aid of a compression plate.

The heart of the cable transit system is a rubber called Lycron, from which the insert transit blocks are made. Lycron is extremely resistant to fire but MCT Brattberg is much more than a fire and explosion barrier. In addition to extreme heat and enormous pressure changes, the transits withstand smoke, extreme temperature changes, vibration, sound, chemicals and the effects of ageing.

Protection Against EMP, EMI, EMC for Cabins, Signalling Equipment, Rolling Stock and Communication Equipment
MCT Brattberg offers external and internal interface protection and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protection. With the growing dependence on computers, communication and control equipment, the problem of sensitivity to interference becomes more apparent, given the vulnerability of modern electronic equipment. This vulnerability can lead to expensive interruptions in travel, communication and process control.

Fire, Smoke and Heat Resistant Cable and Pipe Seals
The installed MCT Brattberg cable and pipe seal is now capable of withstanding:

* Fire
* Heat
* Pressure
* Explosion
* Gas
* Sound

MCT Brattberg Cable and Pipe Sealing Transits are not affected by :

* Vibration
* Heat cycles
* Chemicals
* Rodents
* Radiation

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MCT Brattberg - Cable & Pipe Sealing Transits for Rail