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Double Eye Cable Socks

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Double eye cable socks are ideal for medium to heavy cable pulls - the main advantage over single eye cable socks is, since the cable being pulled can be passed through the sock, several cables can be used to support over a calculated distance - this includes LV, MV, HV and EHV power cables. 

T&D stock the complete range of single-eye, double-eye, lace up, non-conductive and open ended cable socks. 

Double Eye Cable Socks - Product Range

Double Eye Cable Sock Type Cable Dia
D1 10-13mm
D2 13-19mm
D3 19-25mm
D4 25-38mm
D5 38-50mm
D6 50-63mm
D7 63-89mm
D8 89-115mm


Double Eye Cable Socks

Cable Sock - Double Eye Range Dia Lattice Length Length
CS21 Cable Sock 10-13mm 0.38-0.50” inches 230mm 9" inches 305mm 12" inches
CS22 Cable Sock 13-19mm  0.50-0.75” inches 355mm 14" inches 430mm 17" inches
CS23 Cable Sock 19-25mm 0.75-1.0” inches 405mm 16" inches 510mm 20" inches
CS24 Cable Sock 25-38mm 1.0-1.5” inches 455mm 18" inches 610mm 24" inches
CS25 Cable Sock 38-50mm 1.50-2.0” inches 535mm 21" inches 735mm 29" inches
CS26 Cable Sock 50-63mm 2.0-2.5” inches 610mm 24" inches 865mm 24" inches
CS27 Cable Sock 63-89mm 2.5-3.5” inches 685mm 27" inches 990mm 39" inches
CS28 Cable Sock 89-115mm 3.5-4.5” inches 685mm 27" inches 990mm 39" inches
CS29 Cable Sock 115-130mm 4.5-5" inches 685mm 27" inches 990mm 39" inches


Cable Socks

T&D distribute the complete range of Cable Pulling and Cable Laying Equipment for low and high voltage (LV-HV) power cable installations into underground trench or cable duct - this includes XLPE, PILC, EPR, waveform, service cables, triplex, 11kV, 33kV, EHV, fibre optic, telecoms and street lighting cables.

We supply cable rollers, cable socks, cable jacks, drum trailers, cable pulling lubricant, underground cable protection (Stokbord & Tape Tile Cable Covers) and conduit duct rod - we service the utility cable laying contractor, electrical contractor and export markets.

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