SebaKMT Cable Sheath Testing & Fault Location

SebaKMT Cable Sheath Testing & Fault Location

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SEBA KMT MFM5-1 is the universal test instrument for cable sheath testing including prelocation and pinpointing of cable sheath faults - in sheath testing mode SEBA KMT MFM5-1 can detect minute cable sheath insulation damage on low and high voltage cable networks.

SEBA KMT MFM5-1 ensures fast and precise cable sheath fault location - the instrument is menu-driven and fully automatic sheath fault prelocation is accurately achieved by inputting total cable length. SEBA KMT ESG 80-2 can be combined with the MFM5-1 for earth fault location in LV-HV cables.

Cable Sheath Test & Fault Location SEBA KMT MFM5-1 Features : Sheath testing, fault prelocation and pinpointing combined in single unit, sheath testing up to 5kV, time saving prelocation of sheath fault.

SEBA KMT MFM5-1 Sheath Test & Fault Locator

SEBA KMT MVG5 high voltage bridge tester provides sheath fault prelocation in underground power and telecommunications cables up to 5kV and prelocating of line-to-earth cable faults on plastic insulated low voltage cables.

SEBA KMT MVG5 High Voltage Bridge Tester

SEBA KMT MMG10 provides sheath testing and sheath fault pinpointing up to 10kV - high performance burn down effect converts high resistance cable faults in low voltage power cables into low resistant faults.
SEBA KMT MMG10 Sheath Testing & Shaeth Fault Pinpointer

HINT : Did you know that many SEBA KMT products and small instruments can also be used to test sheaths and to pinpoint sheath faults?
Sheath testing and locating and fixing sheath faults is one of the essential aspects in todays cable network maintenance. Only externally intact cables guarantee long, undisturbed and fault-free operation. Sheath testing and fault pinpointing is available using SEBA KMT VLF28 up to 10 kV and pulse intervals of 4s 1:3, 4s 1:5, 6s 1:5, 6s 1:9. This means that after a VLF test the contractor can immediately check the condition of the cable sheath and, if there is a sheath fault, can immediately pinpoint it with ESG80. Sheath testing and fault pinpointing is also available using portable fault locator SEBA KMT SPG40 and the SEBA KMT SPG5-1000 - the solution for fault location in branched low voltage and street lighting networks with the ICE Plus pre-location process.


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SebaKMT MFM5 1 Cable Sheath Testing Data 

SebaKMT MVG5 E Bridge Tester Sheath Fault Location

SebaKMT MMG10 High Voltage Cable Sheath Fault Tester Data


Adobe SEBA KMT MFM5-1 Cable Sheath Testing, Fault Prelocation & Pinpointing

Adobe SEBA KMT MVG5- E Bridge Tester Sheath Fault Location 3.3-5kV

Adobe SEBA KMT MMG10 High Voltage Cable Sheath Fault Tester 10kV

Adobe SEBA KMT ESG80-2 Earth Fault Locator - Pinpoint Cable Sheath Faults

Adobe EDF-High Voltage Cable Insulation Testing Policy, 11-33-66-132kV

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SebaKMT Cable Sheath Testing & Fault Location