3M Cable Sheath Repair for Offshore Shipwiring & Marine Cables

3M3M Cable Sheath Repair

Offshore Marine Oil & Gas Cable Repairs


3M HDCW heat shrink wraparound cable sheath repair sleeves are suitable for low and high voltage offshore shipwiring cables to BS6883, NEK606 and IEC 60092 - this includes PVC, PE, EPR, XLPE insulated and RFOU mud resistant cables.

Heat shrink cable repair kits reinstate cable sheath integrity caused by oil mud, heat, mechanical and general electrical service damage.

Pictured : 3M Cable Sheath Repair for Offshore Shipwiring & Marine Cables

3M Cable Sheath Repair for Offshore Shipwiring & Marine Cables

Offshore shipwiring cable repair kits eradicate cable cracks, nicks and snags which impair the fire and insulation performance of low and high voltage power, control and instrumentation cables - this includes submersible pump cables (borehole pump cable, bore well pump cable and sewage pump cables)

3M M Series Flexible (EPR) Cable Repair System utilises Scotchast 2130 resin for flame retardant submersible and seawater resistant cable repairs.

3M Scotchcast 2130 Electrical Insulating Resin Features: 

  • Flame retardant 
  • Bonds to all modern cable jackets 
  • Bonds to itself 
  • Tough yet flexible 
  • Unipak container for mixing and pouring 
  • Excellent multipurpose moisture sealing resin

Offshore cable repairs solutions are available for BS6883, BS7917, NEK606, IEEE45, IEEE1580 Type P and IEC-60092 cables and to following specifications:

  • IEC60092-353: electrical installation in ships, power cables
  • NEK606: cables for offshore installation halogen-free or mud-resistant
  • IEC60092.375 shipboard telecommunications cable
  • IEC60331: fire resistant cables
  • IEC60332: flame retardant cables
  • IEC61031-1.2: smoke density
  • IEC60754-1, halogen free properties
  • IEC60228: electical conductor.

T&D also stock resin, heat shrink and cold shrink cable joint kits for shipwiring cables, including low voltage IEC fire resistant power and instrumentation/telecom joints.

Suits single and multi-core conductor cable repairs, providing a permanent cable joint or repair with tight weaterproof seal, the cable repair kit can used to joint or repair frequently coiled flexible and trailing power cables - ideal for weather exposed, underground direct burial or submerged cable repairs.

Adobe 3M Cable Sheath Repair for Offshore Shipwiring & Marine Cables

Adobe 3M Scotchcast 2130 Resin

Adobe Offshore Shipwiring & Marine Cable Repair - 3M HDCW Heat Shrink