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This V shaped cable roller is positioned in front of the cable drum and as the cable passes over the roller - the VR1 cable roller centralises the cable into the trench for low and high voltage underground cable laying and pulling.

Pictured: SEB VR1 Roller Assembly

SEB VR1 Roller Assembly

SEB VR1 Roller Assembly - Technical Specification
Height Width Length Weight
360mm 500mm 890mm 17kg

A guide roller in front of the drum which centralizes the cable from the drum into the trench. The VR1 ealed roller bearings fitted in steel roller. Mounted in heavy duty steel frame.

Cable Pulling in Trench - Horizontal Cable Runs

Cable pulling contractor should ensure cable to be pulled in (LV or HV) should be supported on free running cable rollers with no projections or sharp edges to prevent snagging and subsequent cable sheath damage. Straight cable rollers shall be placed in the cable trench to prevent the LV-HV cable from dragging on the cable trench bottom or in mud. The cable roller spacing required to achieve this will depend on the cable type being installed and the pulling tension along the route. A leading roller should be used to support the cable over the entire cable drum width immediately before being pulled into the trench.

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Cable Rollers - Straight Line Cable Rollers  VR1