3M Scotchcode Cable Markers and Marking Systems

Cable Marking with 3M Scotchcode

3M Scotchcode cable markers include dispensers, preprinted alphanumeric and coloured tapes, write-on cable marker books and cable marker tags. 3M Scotchcode STD Tape Dispensers are used by electrical contractors for cable and wire marking. Typical cable marking applications for 3M Scotchcode include : marking power, control, fiber optic, telecomms and instrumentation cables, phase identification and terminal block markers.

The 3M Scotchcode SDR tape can be used for the following applications involving operating temperatures between -40°C to 121°C (-40°F - 250°F)

* Marking all types of wire and cable including power, control, fiber optic,
   electronic, telecommunications, and instrumentation
* Phase identification on large or small gauge wire or cable
* Identification of terminal blocks, terminal strips and wire in panel boards
* Automotive applications on tubing, hoses and replacement parts

The Scotchcode cable marker tapes high tack, acrylic adhesive resists solvents, oil and water and adheres firmly to insulation surfaces. 3M Scotchcode dispensers can be ordered empty or filled with cable marker rolls of either pre-printed numbers 0-9 or colours.

The classic 3M Scotchcode range of cable and wire marking products offers a superb compact manual labelling solution. The 3M Scotchcode range includes dispensers, pre-printed alphanumeric and coloured tape, and write-on books and tags that are all super quick and easy to use. Scotchcode products are perfectly suited to industrial applications but are equally suited to small, DIY applications in the home. A very convenient and innovative product that will be a great addition to your tool box.

NEW :  3M Scotchcode Write On Cable Markers & Labels......

Fast, convenient, easy and compact. Write your own bespoke labels with the 3M Scotchcode Write On permanent marker pen (included in the box), pull out the self-laminating label from the dispenser and label anything you choose.

• Labels resist dirt, oil, heat and moisture leaving markers clean and dry
• Transparent overwrap with self-laminating protects printing area
• Ergonomically designed dispenser means the cable markers are easy to use
• Multitude of cable and wire marking applications
• Comes complete with marker pen and a refill roll of labels
• Individual cable marker refills also available
• Ideal cable marker kit for toolbox

T&D distribute 3M, Silverfox, BAND-IT and Cembre cable markers for electrical, instrumentation and process pipeline and cable identification - this includes heat shrink, thermal transfer, stainless steel, tie-on, slide-on, self adhesive and software printer generated cable markers and cable identification systems suitable for low and high voltage power, control and instrumentation cables.

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