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Prysmian Pressline cable is a unique Pressline Emergency Stop System that offers continuous emergency stop protection around complex industrial hazards.

The actuating device is a patented pressure sensitive Prysmian cable that can follow electrical circuits up to 10km - activation is by pressing, bending or pulling Prysmian Pressline cable at any point along the circuit.

The Prysmian Pressline Control Unit monitors the pressure sensitive cable and employs rigorously tested solid state technology - the Prysmian control unit continuously monitors the cable and confirms system functionality. If an activation state is detected in the Prysmian Pressline cable, the control unit interacts with machinery controls to switch off plant or activate alarms.

Prysmian Pressline cable is available in low smoke and fume or zero halogen specification - typical applications include : airport baggage control, bottling plants, assembly lines, paper mills, quarries and mines.

Prysmian Pressline cable offers emergency stop activation over a continuous length that can include complex and convoluted cable routes - Pressline Emergency Stop Cable Systems are simple to specify and install, contact T&D UK for advise.

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