Prysmian BICC BICON CW20 419CE-53 High Voltage Cable Gland

Prysmian High Voltage Cable Glands CWHigh Voltage Cable Glands - CW Brass

Prysmian BICC BICON Cable Glands

BiconHigh Voltage Cable Glands Terminate SWA Cables

Integral Earth High Fault Current Rating


Prysmian Bicon 419CE-53 (CW20) cable glands with 20mm entry thread enable cable termination of armoured (SWA) medium and high voltage cables with integral earth connection compliant with GDCD 190 Category A (43.3kA for 1 second).

High Voltage Cable Glands

BICON CW Brass Cable Gland Kits with Integral Earth - Prysmian 419CE-53

  • CW Brass Indoor and Outdoor Cable Gland with Earth Bonding Connection
  • M20 Cable Gland Entry Thread
  • Suits SWA Cables with 8.0-15.8mm Cable Diameters
  • High Fault Current for HV High Voltage Systems - 43.3kA for 1 second
  • IP66 Rated Cable Glands - Weatherproof and Waterproof

Prysmian BICON 419CE-53 Brass Cable Gland Kit

Prysmian Bicon 419CE-53 (CW20) - Technical Specification

  • Manufacturer: Prysmian
  • Brand: Bicon
  • Cable Gland Size: CW20
  • Quantity Per Kit: 1 Cable Gland
  • Cable Type: SWA Steel Wire Armoured
  • Specification: Medium & High Voltage Cable Glands
  • Under Armour Cable Diameter (A): 11.6mm Maximum
  • Under Armour Cable Diameter (A): 13.9mm Maximum
  • Overall Cable Diameter (B): 11.7mm Minimum
  • Overall Cable Diameter (B): 20.8mm Maximum
  • Armour Wire Diameter: 0.9/1.25mm
  • Entry Thread (D) : M20 x 1.5
  • Thread Length (E) : 10mm
  • Protrusion Length (F): 56mm
  • Hexagon A/F (G): 30.5mm
  • Hexagon A/C (H): 34mm
  • Order Code: Prysmian CW20 419CE-53
  • Aluminium Version: Prysmian CW20 Cable Gland 454CE-53

High Voltage Cable Glands - Dimensions

T&D distribute Prysmian 11kV Cable Terminations utilising heat shrink technology to terminate high voltage power cables into switchgear, transformers and motors. 

Adobe BICON Cable Glands (Brass) HV - High Voltage M20 Glands - Gland Kit 419CE-52

Adobe Prysmian BICC BICON CW20 419CE-52 High Voltage Cable Gland

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Prysmian BICC BICON CW20 419CE-53 High Voltage Cable Gland