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SEBA KMT Powerfuse cable fault locators provide fault location on LV cable networks maintaining the continuous power supply on cables suffering intermittent cable faults. Powerfuse cable fault locators replace the fuse until the cable fault is located and the cable is repaired - Powerfuse switches the supply on again automatically after a cable fault occurs intelligently storing the number of cable faults providing a maintenance record. 

Applications of the SEBA KMT Cable Fault Locator - Powerfuse :
Switching off  LV cables without arc
Checking cable condition after  fuse tripping 
Cable reconnection after maintenance 
Commissioning after assembling 
Self-acting reconnection of critical cables 
After short circuit of intermittent cable faults 
Cable fault prelocation in connection with pulse reflection instrument (Teleflex)


Underground cables (both low voltage and high voltage) are normally reliable if they are not disturbed. Common causes of LV cable faults included vibration and subsidence and other companies digging or excavating nearby. Any damage to the cable allows water in the ground to get in and cause a breakdown. It may be months before the problem gets bad enough to cause a power cut. Faults on low voltage underground cables can often be intermittent and very hard to find. UK DNO's use cable fault locating equipment once the fault has become permanent. Overhead lines are more likely to be affected by lightning, windblow material , trees and birds or vermin causing short circuits.

SEBA KMT Powerfuse Cable fault Locator


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