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SEBA KMT LSG300 Surge Generator

Arc Stabilisation Filter for Cable Fault Prelocating with the ARM Method

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SEBA KMT LSG300 cable fault locator is an arc stabilisation filter for cable fault prelocating using the ARM method. SEBA KMT LSG300 cable fault locator is suitable for portable or cable test van installation - high resistive cable faults and intermittent cable faults are easily, clearly and precisely located.

SEBA KMT LSG300 Arc Stabilisation Unit - Features : 

Pulse echo is by far the simplest method of cable fault location but its use is severely limited, not being suitable for flashing or high impedance cable faults. To overcome these limitations and still use pulse echo techniques a new method known as arc stabilisation can be used for high voltage cable fault location. As the name suggests the aim is to stabilise an arc at the point of cable fault - this arc is then recorded by a suitable pulse echo set. SEBA KMT LSG 300 is a compact, easy to use Arc Stabilisation Unit suitable for use in a modular system or a cable test van. LSG 300 cable fault locator is an effective aid to prelocating cable faults, quickly and accurately.

Test Method Using SEBA KMT LSG300 Surge Generator
The energy pulse of a shock discharge generator is applied to the faulty cable through the arc stabilising unit LSG300. This pulse ignites the cable fault and generates a short-term arc at the fault. Simultaneously, the LSG 300 triggers the pulse echo set and takes a standard pulse reflection measurement into what is seen as a short circuit. The pulse reflected back by the stabilised arc at the point of fault reaches the pulse echo set via the high voltage separating filter and is stored in the internal memory. This trace is then compared with a previously recorded trace of the same cable core, the fault position is clearly identifiable as the point of divergence between the two traces. All switching elements necessary for the triggering and the coupling of the pulse are contained in the LSG 300. After the cable fault pre-location using the arc reflection method, the decoupling element is bypassed using a manual switch and the shock discharge generator is ready for use on its own for acoustic pin-point fault location. 

SEBA KMT LSG300 Surge Generator

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