HV (11kV-33kV) Cable Location

High Voltage Cable Location with
The Innovative Ezi-CAT Cable Location Tools
Not Just Another CAT or Cable Detector............

Cable Detection Ezi-CAT cable location tools are designed with the main emphasis on safety and simplicity in locating low voltage power and high voltage underground cables including 11kV and 33kV networks.

* Cable detector always switches on in POWER mode for maximum safety

High voltage power cable location being the most dangerous service.


* Starts with maximum sensitivity for safe HV cable detection

Eliminates the human error element of manual sensitivity controls.

No need to remember to re-adjust the sensitivity after each use.


* In-built test function which tests the cable locator and software to ensure full functionality of the locator

Simple test procedure for increased operator confidence.


* Automatic pinpointing for quick and accurate HV cable location. No need for any manual tuning as on other cable detection locators

Simplicity of cable detector use significantly reduces human error, resulting in improved safety in locating buried high voltage (11-33kV) cables.

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HV (11kV-33kV) Cable Location