Street Lighting Cable Fault Locators

SEBA KMTCable Detection & Fault Location

SEBA KMT Digiflex

Low Voltage Cable Fault Location in Underground Street Lighting Cables

SEBA KMT Digiflex LV street lighting cable fault locators are compact and reliable for detecting cable faults and measuring lengths of power and motorway telecomms cables with XLPE, PE, PVC insulation.

Digiflex permits precise measuring results (up to 30,000 metres) even in the near range <5m and for live low voltage cables.

Pictured: SEBA KMT Digiflex Street Lighting Cable Fault Locators

Street Lighting Cable Fault Locators

SEBA KMT pulse reflection is employed whereby a string of suitable pulses is sent down the street lighting cable which are wholly or partially reflected back from the fault - the size and shape of these indicate the type of cable fault.

Fault Location in Low Voltage Copper Cables over 30km Range - How?

The SEBA Digiflex reflectometer transmits short electrical pulses of just a few volts and pulse width of nano to micro seconds between two connected copper cable conductors.

Each impedance change causes partial reflection of the pulse back to the device. The reflectometer calculates the distance using time between transmitted pulse and reflection: the distance appears as a trace on the display.

This can be used to identify street lighting cable ends, short circuits, power interrupts, cable joints and cross-talk.

SEBA KMT Digiflex Cable Fault Locators - Features & Benefits

  • Measuring range from 5m up to 30km
  • Line comparison with 2 measuring inputs
  • High resolution in the near and far range
  • Weatherproof case
  • Solid housing for rugged field use
  • High local resolution of 2.5m in the 50m range
  • Easy to use with menu control and help functions
  • Adjustable distance depending amplitude correction (de-attenuation)
  • Clear presentation of refl ectograms with split screen to show zoom and full view at the same time
  • Large illuminated LC display 
  • Two measuring inputs for wire comparisons and coupling measurement
  • Single measurement, constant measurement, averaging, visualization of intermittent fault location IFL
  • Voltage protected measuring inputs up to 250V for detecting faults in live low voltage cables
  • Internal memory for 50 reflectograms
  • Serial port for printer and PC
  • Reflectograms can be transferred back from the PC to the Digiflex memory together with the Winkis database software
  • Robust, splashproof housing for use in rough field condition

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