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Weidmuller KT45R ratchet cable cutting tools cut up to 80mm outer diameter cables and are suitable forWeidmuller KT45R - Ratchet Cable Cutters non-pinch cutting of copper and aluminium conductors - easy operation due to optimum leverage and an engineered cam mechanism.

Weidmuller KT45R ratchet cable cutting tools are preferred by low and high voltage cable jointers and contractors due to their compact, short handle design permitting close quarter cable cutting in HV cable boxes, switchgear and electrical equipment.

A large number of cables and conductors are used to connect electrical and electronic components - the cables and wires must be accurately prepared for the various types of connection.

The quality of the cable cutting process is therefore of critical importance. Mechanical efficiency together with the special cutting pattern reduces the manual force required to a minimum.

Weidmüller is a specialist in the cutting of copper or aluminium cables - the product selection ranges from cable cutting tools for small cross-sections (with direct transmission of force) to cutting tools for large diameters.

Weidmüller’s wide range of cutting tools fulfils all the criteria for professional cable preparation.

The demands Weidmüller makes of its cable cutting tools is simple: a smooth, straight cut without Weidmullerdeforming the conductor.

Weidmuller Power Products - the extensive Weidmuller ‘Power Products’ portfolio encompasses, devices, modules and accessories essential to the requirements of Low & High Voltage Electrical Engineers,Electricians and Technicians.

Weidmuller ‘Power Products’ are used worldwide in switchboards, machines and vehicles where ever electrical power is terminated, switched, conditioned or transformed.

Weidmuller’s innovative products include, Rail Mounted Terminals, Power Supplies, Lightning and Surge Protection Devices, Electromechanical and Solid State Relays, Electrical Enclosures and Junction Boxes, associated accessories and Marking Systems.

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