Solar Power Belisha Beacons (Refuge)

Belisha BeaconsSolar Powered Belisha Beacons

Pedestrian Crossing Belisha Becons - Solar Powered

Highways Agency Compliant



To complement the standard solar belisha beacon, T&D can distribute the Solar Refuge Beacon - easy to maintain once installed with excellent quality manufactured standard. 

Solar Power Refuge Beacon - Specification

  • 12 x 1w LED cluster (6 for 6w beacon plus 6 reserve)
  • Operates using photo-electric cell unit (PECU) to save battery during daylight hours
  • 2 x 20w photovoltaic panels on aluminium angle adjustable bracket
  • IP54 300m pearl polyethylene globe and aluminium anti-vandal gallery
  • 2 x 12v 14Ah batteries provising 28Ah
  • Highways compliant solar refuge beacon
  • 14 days autonomy
  • 5m x 76mm diameter columns (with 168mm base housing batteries and beacon controller). 
  • Galvanised column finished in tough polyester power coat in Traffic Grey "A" gloss with 2no, reflective/translucent white vinyl bands
  • DST - Daylight Saving Time function
  • Ful on site battery monitoring via LCD display

Solar Belisha Beacon - Refuge Beacon

Solar Power Refuge Beacon - Optional Extras

  • 3w LED Spotlight with "Push-On" button control with radio link between beaconsd and timed off function
  • Programmable On/Off time function

LED Refuge Beacon is also available:

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Adobe Solar Powered Belisha Beacon - Refuge Beacon

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Solar Power Belisha Beacons (Refuge)