Belisha Beacons

CELSolar Powered Belisha Beacons (Pedestrian Crossing)

CEL (Charles Endirect Ltd)

LED & Solar Power Belisha Beacons Available

Belisha Beacons for Zebra Crossings & Centre Islands

  • Cleaner - smooth surface of belisha beacon is fully UV stabilised
  • Lighter - enhanced colour pigments produce increased belisa beacon light output
  • Brighter - new luminescent compounds produce a brighter belisha beacon
  • Stronger - virtually unbreakable belish beacons to vandals

Thorne & Derrick UK distribute low maintenance, anti-vandal and energy efficient Belisha Beacon Equipment for zebra crossings and centre islands.

Charles Endirect AVG-3 Belisha Beacons carry a range of Amber and Opal Globes, including the Hi-Glow options meeting the latest regulations.

Pictured: AVG-3 Belisha Beacon

AVG-3 Belisha Beacon

AVG-3 Belisha Beacon accepts Lumisphere® tungsten halogen units and CDM-T fittings alongside Courtesy Shields, floodlights and photocells.

In preparation for the demise of the GLS lamp, T&D offer the intelligent, brighter yet energy efficient Charles Endirect CELstar2™ LED Belisha Beacon Unit which gives a reduced Carbon Footprint and a rapid return on investment.

Pictured: CELstar2 LED Belisha Beacon Unit

CELstar2 LED Belisha Beacon Unit

Pictured: Charles Endirect Ltd (CEL) Belisha Beacons

Charles Endirect Ltd (CEL) Belisha Beacons


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