11kV Bushing Boots

11kV Bushing Boots for Switchgear & Transformer Cable Terminations

Prysmian high voltage bushing boots are designed to be used on screened polymeric (XLPE), rubber (EPR) or paper insulated (PILC) cables, 6.6kV-11kV. Prysmian cold fit bushing boots are suitable for both straight or right angled connection to high voltage electrical switchgear, transformers or motors.

Prysmian cold applied bushing boot is designed for use on either single core or 3 core cables up to 300sqmm, up to a maximum system voltage of 11kV.

The bushing boot can accomodate bushings with diameters between 30-70mm and straight or right angle connections. Prysmian 11kV heat shrink cable terminations kits are available to terminate 3 core polymeric or paper insulated high voltage power cables into switchgear or transformers.
Prysmian High Voltage Bushing Boots
No need for specialised heat shrink tools
No heating or cable box filling required - no hot-working permits required
Suitable for straight (vertical) or right angled HV bushing connections
Circuit may be energised immediatley after completion of cable termination

Minimum clearance dimension for terminals shrouded 
with silicone rubber bushing boots.
System voltage     -     PH To PH     -     PH To Earth
12                                   55                        50


Adobe Bushing Boots, 11kV High Voltage - Prysmian Silicone Rubber (Straight/Right Angled) Bushing Boots

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