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Prysmian UNI25+ cable sheath remover is designed to cut along and remove the outer sheath of low voltageand high voltage armoured power cables.

Prysmian UNI25+ cable sheath stripping and removal tool can have its blade rotated through 90 degress to then ring the cable, enabling easy removal of the sheath by the cable jointers. Prysmian cable sheath strippers are fitted with a guarded blade to prevent cutting into wire screens and armours on low and high voltage power cables. Alroc PG type cable sheath stripping tools provide a more robust cable preparation solution for LV HV cable jointers needing to remove polymeric cables sheaths (XLPE and EPR).

Prysmian UNI25+ Cable Sheath Removal Tool

Using the correct tools to prepare industrial and utility cables before cable jointing and terminating reduces catastrophic cable failures.

LV-HV cable jointing tools enable cable preparation, stripping and cutting of insulation (XLPE, EPR), semi-conductive screens (bonded and peelable) and cable sheaths (PVC, PE, EPR) from single and multi-core cables.

Prysmian UNI25+ Cable Stripping Tool Technical Data
Reference No. Description Diameter
Prysmian UNI25+ Cable Stripping Tool 25mm or above


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Adobe Prysmian UNI25+ Cable Sheath Removal & Stripping Tools 25mm

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Prysmian UNI25+ Cable Sheath Removal & Stripping Tools 25mm