Alroc Bonded Semi-Conductor Screen Removal Tool LHS3 60mm-80mm

ALROC 8YR0-LHS3Alroc Semi- Conductive Screen Removers (Bonded & Peelable)

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Alroc Bonded Screen Stripping Tools

Alroc LHS3​ Bonded Semi-Conductors


Alroc LHS3 Semi-conductive screen stripping tools are used by highvoltage cable jointers to strip bonded semi-conductive screens from 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV high voltage power cables.

Alroc LHS tools remove the bonded semi-conductor from the high voltage cables, resulting in a very correct surface state. 

Alroc LHS Bonded Semi Conductor -  Prysmian 8YR0-LHS3

Alroc LHS3 Semi Conductor Screen Removers Features :

  • Robust Alroc design for excellent field service
  • Adjustable handle for comfort
  • Lockable blade depth
  • Spare blades available


Alroc LHS Bonded Semi-Conductor Technical Data

Alroc Reference No. Prysmian Reference No.

Ø Of The Semi-Conductor 

Alroc LHS3 Prysmian 8YR0-LHS3 60mm-80mm 3kg



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Alroc Bonded Semi-Conductor Screen Removal Tool LHS3 60mm-80mm