uPVC Main/Primary Cable Ducting Systems

Emtelle Cable DuctingEmtelle Cable Ducting

uPVC Main/Primary Cable Duct Systems


Emtelle Primary Duct is manufactured in bar lengths with a single in-line socket per cable duct or pipe to enable jointing of ducts. Emtelle cable duct manufactured from uPVC offers the following features and benefits :

  • Solid wall uPVC extruded to close tolerances and manufactured with a smooth external finish
  • Capable of being back-filled with "As-dug" graded materials where appropriate and resistant to sharp stone impingement
  • Extruded with a smooth bore, enabling easy installation of sub-ducts and cables owing to lower internal friction
  • Comprehensive range of sizes, 20mm – 168mm, to meet standard and bespoke requirements for a wide range of duct applications
  • "In – line" socketing enables the manufacture of integral interference fit, or ring seal joints, enabling easy to install and secure jointing for a range of applications to give system security of choice
  • Range of duct wall thickness choice to meet client specific requirements and performance criteria of compression strength
  • Controlled product flexibility and structural strength through the length of cable duct, guaranteeing cable path / product bore, allowing foolproof installation

Pictured: uPVC Main/Primary Cable Ducting Systems

uPVC Main/Primary Cable Ducting Systems

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uPVC Main/Primary Cable Ducting Systems