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Scapa Tapes cable solutions are core ranges of cable wrapping tapes that are sold to cable manufacturers and cable jointing kit manufacturers worldwide - this includes Scapa Tapes such as water swellable, semi-conducting and insulating tapes, PIB self amalgamating tapes, putties and resins.

Adobe SCAPA - Cable Solutions - Brochure

Adobe SCAPA - Electrical Filmic Tapes - PVC

Adobe SCAPA - Fire Retardant Semi Conductive - Tapes

Adobe SCAPA - Impregnated Paper Resin Tapes - Crepe Kraft Micron

Adobe SCAPA - Insulative Water Swellable - Nylon Polyester Hessian Tapes

Adobe SCAPA - Putties Electrical Stress Control - Sealing Putty

Adobe SCAPA - Self Amalgamating Tapes - Silicone PIB EPR

Adobe SCAPA - Specialist Adhesive Tape - Cloth Foil