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3M Scotchrap corrosion protection tapes include 3M Scotchrap 50 tapes which are tough, PVC based tapes with special high tack adhesives formulated to resist corrosion of above and underground cables, pipes, fittings and joints on all millcoated pipe and electrical conduit systems.

3M Scotchrap 51 tapes provide excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, corrosive salt water, soil acids, alkalis and salts - Scotchrap tapes are UV resistant and also resist impact punctures and tears with a very high weather and corrosion proofing performance.

3M Scotchrap 51 Corrosion Protection Electrical Tapes

3M Scotchrap tapes are easy to apply without special tools or dangerous flame. However, a few general application procedures should be followed to obtain optimum 3M tape performance. Surfaces to be wrapped should be clean, dry and free of oil, grease and other contaminants. Blast removal of rust and scale is preferred. Welding slag and spatter, sharp edges or burrs should be chipped, ground or filed. Apply a uniform, continuous coating of 3M Scotchrap Pipe Primer to the prepared surfaces and let dry. Fill in irregular surfaces with Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty. Cover weld beads with one wrap of tape over the entire surface.

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