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3M Scotch 70 Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 


3M Scotch Rubber Electrical Tapes - 3M Scotch 70 Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

3M Scotch 70 Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape is a 0.3mm thick, high temperature arc-and track-resistant tape composed of self-fusing, inorganic silicone rubber, with easy-tear and easy-strip liner.
3M Scotch 70 Electrical Tapes

3M Scotch 70 Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape Features

  • Excellent track resistance
  • Excellent arc resistance
  • Excellent ozone resistance
  • 3M Scotch 70 has high dielectric strength
  • Class “H” material (180°C continuous operation)
  • Workable in extremely low temperatures
  • Scotch 70 silicone tape has excellent conformability
  • Excellent instantaneous fusion; does not need to be held down
  • Matches Sky Blue Grey Munsell 5BG7.0/0.4
  • Excellent weathering characteristics

3M Scotch 70 Silicone Rubber Tape Applications

  • As an over-wrap for protection of terminating high-voltage cables against arcing and tracking
  • High-voltage cables with these insulations should be over-wrapped - butyl rubber, oil-base rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, PVC low and high-density polyethylene cross-linked
  • As primary insulation where Class “H” (180°C/356°F) temperatures are encountered ie. silicone rubber cables

3M Scotch 70 Silicone Rubber Tape Installation

Scotch 70 Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape should be applied in half-lap layers using moderate tension.

Scotch 70 Silicone Rubber Tape should be applied on all tape-like cable terminations, which will be operated either outdoors, or in areas subjected to contamination or moisture.

The following procedure should be used - if possible, connect the cable termination to its final position. Otherwise, take care not to damage the final over-wrap of silicone tape during installation.

Over-wrap the end seal with several half-lapped layers. Over-wrap the entire cable termination with one additional half-lapped layer.

For upright cable termination, begin from one inch on cable jacket and end at the cable lug. For inverted cable termination, end taping on the cable jacket.

Wrap with moderate tension (10 to 100% elongation). Apply last lap with zero stretch. Press down to avoid end lifting before fusion takes place.

3M 70 Silicone Tape can also be applied over the exposed cable insulation and/or end seal used in conjunction with moulded (slip-on) stress cones.

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