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3M Scotch Glass Cloth & Cambric Tapes - 3M Scotch 27 Glass Cloth Tape

3M Scotch 27 glass cloth electrical tape is woven glass cloth tape designed to operate in applications requiring high mechanical strength and high temperature electrical insulation.

The tape is specially treated and prepared to provide corrosion protection. 

3M Scotch 27 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Features

  • Scotch 27 is a rubber, pressure-sensitive thermosetting electrical tape
  • Useful applications include a heat-stable insulation for furnace and oven controls, motor leads and switches
  • 3M Scotch 27 glass cloth tape has a rubber thermosetting, pressure-sensitive adhesive which electrically insulates and provides mechanical protection at high temperatures
  • This glass cloth tape will not shrink, rot or burn and has a high tensile strength
  • The 3M adhesive is a rubber pressure-sensitive thermosetting system
  • Designed for continuous use at class “B” (130°C) temperature

3M Scotch 27 Electrical Tape

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