Lucy Lighting Cuts Outs (Titan) & Isolators (Trojan)

Lucy Lighting Cuts Outs (Titan) & Isolators (Trojan)

Lucy Zodion

Lucy Lighting Titan Cut Outs

Lucy Lighting Trojan Isolators



Lucy Lighting Titan Cut-outs and Trojan Isolators are specified and installed throughout the street lighting network due to their innovative designs, versatility and ease of installation. 

Lucy Lighting manufacture the widest range of low voltage cut-outs, isolator units, fuse units and street lighting feeder pillars.

Lucy Lighting Cuts Outs (Titan) & Isolators (Trojan)


Street Lighting Cut Outs - Stock & Supply

T&D together with Lucy Zodion can offer a range of street lighting cut outs – this includes Titan Single & Double Pole Cut Outs, Trojan Double Pole Street Lighting Isolators.


Lucy Zodion also offer Heavy Duty Cut Outs & House Service Cut Outs suitable for a range of ratings in both single & triple phase.

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