Rittal Electrical Enclosures for Rail & Tunnel

Rittal Electrical Enclosures for Rail & Tunnel

Rittal Electrical Enclosures






Rittal electrical enclosures are in service throughout the Network Rail and tunnel system - typical Rittal enclosure applications for the rail network include :

Ticket machines
Operating housings
Control room and security managementRittal Electrical Enclosures Used By Network Rail
Video/platform monitoring
IT infrastructure
Electrical distribution enclosures
Axle meter
Communications (GSM-R)
Enclosures for rail points control
Points heaters
Signal controllers
Barrier controllers
Platform free indicators
Information terminals
Fuel cells for emergency power supply

  • Rittal Electrical Enclosures for Rail Tunnels

Emergency power lighting
Alarm boxes
Emergency telephone niches
Wireless monitoring systems
Engine room frames
Train safety component enclosures
Control panel in drivers cabin
Underground enclosures

  • Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Enclosures - Rittal

Control enclosures eg. climate control
Enclosures for data and comms centres
Electrical distribution enclosures for building supply
Stainless steel enclosures for switch housings and enclosure systems

  • Tunnel Enclosures - Rail

Tunnel control desks, control rooms
Emergency telephone niches, alarm and warning systems
Ex enclosures in stainless steel and plastic
LV distribution for lighting, ventilation, signalling and emergency equipment

  • IT Infrastructure, Power Enclosures

Enclosures for data and communication centres
Racks including cooling, power, security and monitoring
Electrical distribution enclosures for LV building supply
Redundant IT power supply including full UPS equipment
SV enclosure systems for low voltage power distribution
Controllers enclosures for signals and points
Power distribution enclosures for up to 5500A switchgear 

Rittal aluminium and stainless steel electrical enclosures provide reliable, long term service on the rail network.


Rittal Electrical Enclosures for Rail & Tunnel

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