Kraus & Naimer Switch Disconnectors

Kraus & Naimer Switch Disconnectors

Kraus and Naimer

Isolators & Switch Disconnectors

Blue Line Switches

Off-on switch disconnectors, main/emergency off switches, main switches and changeover switches. Also available : Kraus & Naimer step switches, push buttons and pilot lights. 

Kraus & Naimer - Switch Disconnectors - Off On

  • Main/Emergency Off Switch
  • Main/Emergency Off Switch with Defeatable Door Interlock
  • Main/Emergency Off Switch with Spring Clamp Terminals
  • Changeover Switch Disconnectors
  • Photovoltaic Disconnectors

Kraus & Naimer Blue Line Switch Disconnectors


Kraus & Naimer Control Panel Switches


Kraus & Naimer Photovoltaic Switch Disconnectors

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