Flexible Conduits

Flexible Conduits

Flexible ConduitsRail Electrification & Cable Equipment LV HV

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Flexicon flexible conduits provide suitable cable management solutions for the rail industry - IP ratings,London Underground Approved tensile strength, weight, corrosion resistance, fire performance properties and operating temperatures satisfy demanding rail industry applications.

Flexicon Flexible Conduits

Typical rail industry applications for Flexicon flexible conduit  :

  •  Infrastructure - rail tunnels and stations
  •  Signalling
  •  Telecoms
  •  Passenger information systems
  •  Points machines
  •  Lighting
  •  OEM solutions for rolling stock
  •  Rail carriage construction
  •  EMC on safety systems
  •  Equipment monitoring
  •  Security systems - CCTV/monitoring
  •  HVAC

Flexicon Flexible Conduit Benefits

  • High performance flexible conduits offering superior tensile and impact/compression strength
  • Designed to meet the strictest standards - EMC testing/vibration
  • Wide range of flexible conduits to meet all rail applications, trackside and rolling stock
  • Vibration proof
  • Anti-tamper


Typical Flexicon Flexible Conduit Applications for Rail Industry

Passenger Information & Security Systems - Flexicon LFHUBRD stainless steel (316) over braided coated helically wound galvanised steel conduit with extra low fire hazard polyolefin jacket. Excellent low fire hazard and halogen free properties. UL 94 VO flame retardancy. Highly flexible. High mechanical strength. Provides EMC screening. UV resistant. High tensile and tamper resistant.

Power & Data Cabling - Flexicon FPAS standard weight nylon PA6 flexible conduit. Highly flexible. High impact strength if crushed. Oil and solvent resistant. High ingress protection IP rating.

Lighting - Flexicon LTPBRD stainless steel conduit overbraided liquid tight, smoth thermoplastic rubber coated. Highly flexible conduit. Oils and solvents resistant. UV resistant. High tensile strength. Vandal resistant.

Tunnels - Flexicon LFHU flexible galvanised steel conduit with extra low fire hazard polyolefin jacket. Applications : fire detection systems, ventilation equipment, tunnel lighting, tunnel pumping equipment, CCTV systems and tunnel signals and telecom systems.

Trackside - Flexicon FPAH heavyweight nylon PA6 flexible conduit for points machines, TPWS (Train Protection Warning Systems), power cable routes, telecom and data cable termination units, DOO (Driver Operated Only) systems. Trackside conduit requirements : ballast impact and vibration protection, ingress protection (submersion), resistance to oils and chemicals, UV protection.

Typical Rail Conduit Products

  • Flexicon LFH Low Fire Hazard Flexible Conduit
  • Flexicon FP High Impact Nylon Flexible Conduit
  • Flexicon SS Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit
  • Flexicon LT Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit
  • Flexicon FPA (X) IP69K Ingress Protection Flexible Conduit
  • Flexicon Braided Flexible Conduit - Flexicon Conduit Interactive Catalogue


Flexicon Flexible Conduits for Rail Industry

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