Insulated 60" Heel & Point Crowbar

Insulated 60" Heel & Point Crowbar

BS8020 Insulated Rail Track Tools

Stel Insulated 60" Heel & Point Crowbar 



  • Insulated tools for the track and railway system are tested to 1000v with each tool individually certified.
  • Insulated tools BS8020 guaranteed to 1,000 volts, tested to 10,000 volts
  • Solid fibreglass shaft bonded into position
  • Low vibration insulated contractors digging tools

BS8020 Standard - Insulating/Insulated Hand Tools for Live Working
BS8020 standard covers the use of insulated tools for live working on or near rail conductor systems operating at voltages up to 1000V a.c. or 1500v d.c.


Insulated Track Tools BS8020 - 60 Inch Heel & Point Crowbar

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