3M 95-AC643-1 QSIII Cold Shrink Rail Cable Joints 25kV

3M 95-AC643-1 QSIII Cold Shrink Rail Cable Joints 25kV

3M 95-AC643-1 Cold Shrink Cable Joint






3M 25kV Power Cable Joints & Terminations

3M 95-AC643-1

3M QSIII Cold Shrink Rail Cable Joints 25kV

3M 95-AC643-1 QSIII single core inline cold shrink cable joint is primarily designed for cable jointing up to 25kV and has been tested up to 52kV single core polymeric power cable systems with copper wire screen according to HD 620. 

3M 95-AC643-1 QSIII Kit List 

  • Cold Shrink QSIII silicone cable splice body with integrated stress control
  • Conductive electrode
  • Silicone elastomeric insulation and outer semi-conductive layer
  • Copper screen sleeve
  • Constant force springs for metallic screen
  • Mechanical shearbolt connector
  • Thick walled EPDM 3M Cold Shrink outer tubes
  • Armour connection components 

3M 95-AC643-1 Product Selection Guide

3M Kit Reference Rail Cable Type  Cross Section (mm²) 18/30(36)kV & 19/33(36)kV Dia. over Primary Insulation (mm) 
95-AC643-1  Copper Wire Screen 120 – 630sqmm  31.5 – 52.6mm 


3M 95-AC643-1 cold shrink cable joint has a specified shelf life of 3 years when kept at temperatures25kV between - 40°C to +50°C. 3M QSIII Inline Cold Shrink Cable Joints are tested and certified to European Standard CENELEC HD 629.1 and IEC 60502-4.

3M Cold Shrink cable joints are suitable for jointing single core polymeric 25kV (45/52kV) rail cables with copper wire screens into rail traction trackside substations. 

3M 95-AC643-1 Key Product Features

  • The versatile design of the prefabricated one-piece cold shrink splice body allows installation on a wide range of cable sizes and types and a fast and easy installation at temperatures ranging from - 20°C to + 50°C.
  • No heat or flame is needed during cable splice body installation.
  • Mechanical connector provides quick and easy connection, with no special tooling.
  • Solderless earth connection using copper stocking and constant force springs.
  • Thick walled, EPDM rubber Cold Shrink outer re-jacketing tubes provide mechanical protection and moisture sealing of the completed cable joints.
  • No special cable jointing tools are needed during splice installation.  

Pictured: 3M 95-AC643-1 Cold Shrink Rail Cable Joint 25kV

3M 95-AC643-1 Cold Shrink Rail Cable Joints 25kV

Detailed cable jointers instruction for installing 3M 95-AC-643-1 cable joint kits are available below. Full range of 3M Cold Shrink 25kV Rail Cable Joints.


3M 95-AC643-1 Cold Shrink Rail Cable Joints 25kV

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