Stahl Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

Stahl Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

Stahl ATEX Rated Hazardous Area Equipment







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Hazardous Area Products


ATEX Certified Lighting, Cameras,

Junction Boxes, Plugs Sockets,

Control & Signalling Devices

Thorne & Derrick are stockist distributors for the range of Stahl hazardous area products.

The Stahl range includes hazardous area Isolators, Junction Boxes, Electrical Enclosures, Plugs & Sockets, Camera & Video Systems, Lighting, Heating System Components, LV Applications and Installation Equipment & Accessories.

T&D distribute the most extensive range of Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment for global oil, gas and petrochemical products. 

  • Stahl ISpac Isolators
Power Supply Transmitter
Isolating Repeater Switching Repeater
Relay Module Binary Output
HART-Multiplexer System Components


Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Isolators

Stahl Hazardous Area Isolators

  • Stahl Plugs And Sockets

Plugs, Sockets, Couplers, Coupler Sockets, Cable Reel, Plug Connectors, Connection Technology.

Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Plugs And Sockets Range

Stahl Plugs And Sockets ATEX Zone 1 Zone 2 Plugs And Sockets

  • Stahl Camera And Video Systems

Camera Systems suitable hazardous areas, including Zone 1 and Zone 2 with ATEX certification. 

Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Camera Equipment Range

Stahl Hazardous Area Camera Equipment

  • Stahl Lighting
Compact Light Fittings And Fittings For Fluorescent Lamps Tubular Light Fittings
Emergency Light Fittings, LED Cluster Lighting Pendant Light Fittings, Bulkhead Light Fittings
Floodlights Portable Lamps
Hand Lamps 


Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Lighting

Stahl Hazardous Area Lighting

  • Stahl Junction Boxes, Electrical Encosures, Plugs & Sockets & Installation Eqpt
Installation Switches Junction Boxes
Terminal Boxes Connection Technology For Data Networks
Plug Connectors Plugs And Sockets
Couplers Coupler Sockets
Socket Outlet Assemblies Maintenance Socket Isolators
Cable Reel  


Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Plugs, Sockets, Enclosures, Junction Boxes

Stahl Hazardous Area Junction Boxes, Enclosures, Plugs Sockets

  • Stahl Control Devices
Position Switches Radio Position Switches
Control Equipment For Panel Mounting Control Device System
Ground Systems And Grounding Monitoring Devices Measuring And Monitoring Equipment For Panel Mounting


Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Control Device Product Range

Stahl Hazardous Area Control Devices

  • Stahl Signalling Devices
Visual Signalling Devices Audible And Visual Signalling Devices
Audible Signalling Devices Operator Panels


Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Signalling Devices Range

Stahl Hazardous Area Signalling Devices Range

  • Stahl Load Disconnect Switches And Motor Starters
Safety Switches, Load And Motor Switchgear Motor Protection Circuit-Breakers
Standard Motor Starters Direct On-Line Starters
Star-Delta Starter Combinations Reversing Starter Combinations


Pictured: Stahl Hazardous Area Load Disconnect Switches And Motor Starters Range

Stahl Hazardous Area Load Disconnect Switches And Motor Starters

T&D are Global Distributors of Hazardous Area Equipment including ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO & GOST Certified products

Hazardous Area Equipment

Video : Stahl Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment - System Solutions

Stahl Hazardous Area Product Catalogue 

Pictured : T&D & Stahl Customer Training Day

Video Playlist : Stahl Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment (ATEX & IECEx) - Lighting, Isolators, Plugs, Motor Starters, Load Disconnectors, Junction Boxes & Electrical Enclosures, Video & Camera Systems for Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas


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