Moeller Motor Starters & Isolators

Moeller Motor Starters & Isolators

Moeller motor starters are available in direct-on-line and star-delta versions. Moellers comprehensive range of enclosed motor starters have been designed to satisfy the low voltage distribution requirements of the electrical industry. Motor starters are available in insulated or sheet steel enclosures in a variety of sizes, with or without isolators.

Motor Starters from Moeller - Benefits:

*IP65 degree protection for insulated enclosed motor starters and IP55 for sheet steel - Moeller motor starters are built for industrial electrical applications.
*Moeller motor starters are capable of a high number of operations, the range offers proven reliability plus a long operating life.
*All Moeller motor starters are constructed from standard components for ease of maintenance.
*All Moeller motor starters are wired to accept Moeller thermal overload relays.

For other Moeller control voltages, motor ratings and stainless steel motor starters please call T&D UK tel 0191 4901547.


Moeller Motor Starters & Isolators - Direct on Line Motor Starters & Star Delta Starters

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