Hadar Lighting - Hazardous Area LED Floodlights - Associated British Ports

Hadar Lighting - Hazardous Area LED Floodlights - Associated British Ports




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Hazardous Area Lighting

A test evaluation of new Hadar Lighting LED floodlights at Associated British Port’s (ABP) Port of Grimsby and Immingham offers the UK’s largest port operator the opportunity to reduce costs, improve safety and lower their carbon footprint.

At the same time a successful outcome for the floodlight manufacturer, Hadar Lighting, part of the Northumberland-based A-Belco Group, will open up a potentially huge market.

Pictured: Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting Product Range 

Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting Product Range

Tom Jeynes Sustainable Development Manager at ABP explained the trial, “As a company, we are acutely aware of our social and environmental responsibilities and have our own Resource Efficiency Group to look at ways in which we can reduce our impact on local communities and the environment.

The facilities, however, do require lighting for safe working whilst our large warehouses, which are usually around 50m by 150m in size, have to have lighting which complies Hazardous Areas  Zone 1/21 certification (Gas & Dust) as highly volatile cargos can be in transit at any time through these facilities.”

“Traditional hazardous area floodlights, such as High Pressure Sodium, tend to left on for 24 hours a day as they have quite long re-light times, so we were very interested in the new LED technology because of their low energy usage and instant controllability.

Hadar have one of the first Zone 1 LED floodlights on the market and as such we asked them to do some proving tests to further underline the potential for saving money, not only in new build warehousing, but also in refurbishment of existing premises.”

Hadar Lighting’s UK Sales Manager, Bill Armstrong, continued, “We are convinced that LED technology is the way forward for Hazardous Area lighting and were more than willing to take up the offer for a trial area from ABP.

The initial cost of the floodlights is higher than traditional floodlighting but our early calculations suggested that energy savings of up to £10,000 per annum per warehouse could be achieved.”

As a result, Hadar Lighting and Thorne & Derrick UK have supplied two HDL106 Floodlights to a test area within the Grimsby and Immingham port area where ABP can use, test and evaluate the advantages offered by LED’s in both running costs, extended bulb life and minimum maintenance costs.

Established in 2005, A-Belco Group’s Hadar Lighting Division is a specialist manufacturer of hazardous area products for the oil, gas, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and marine industries worldwide offering the design and production of products for Zone Classification Areas 1, 2, 21 & 22, Gas and Dust.

Thorne & Derrick UK are specialist distributors of the Hadar Lighting ranges.

Hadar Lighting Sales : uksales@thorneandderrick.co.uk

Hadar Lighting - Hazardous Area LED Floodlights - Associated British Ports

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