Flameproof Enclosures Ex d - Hazardous Areas - Technor TNXCD

Flameproof Enclosures Ex d - Hazardous Areas - Technor TNXCD

Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 (ATEX) Flameproof Enclosures Ex d

Cylindrical Enclosure, Ex d, AISI 316, EEx d IIC, II 2 G



The Technor TNXCD range of flameproof and explosion proof stainless steel electrical enclosures are designed to meet the harsh environments of the offshore industry with ATEX and DNV approvals.ATEX

  • Zenerbarriers
  • PLC
  • Charging units
  • Remote controlled video cameras
  • Counters
  • Clocks
  • Alarm status
  • Warning/Signalling
  • Marking lights
  • Print Card Boards (PCB)

Electrical Enclosures Specification:

  • Material : Acid resistant stainless steel SS316
  • IP Rating : IP66 (IP67 and IP68 upon request)
  • Temperature : Various max: -50°C to +60°C
  • Approvals : TNXCD empty enclosure DNV-2003-OSL-ATEX-0436U
  • Approvals : TNXCD complete enclosure DNV-2004-OSL-ATEX-0115
  • Standards : Cenelec EN50014, EN50018, EN50019
  • Ex-Code : for empty enclosure: EEx d IIC, II 2 G
  • Ex-Code : for complete enclosure: EEx d IIC, II 2 G
  • Option : EEx dem [ia/ib]
  • Entries : EEx e glands and EEx d bushings, or EEx d glands only
  • Gland Size : EEx e M25
  • Gland Size : EEx d According to specification

NEMA Electrical Enclosures include standard and custom enclosures to accommodate the particular demands of the oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore applications including flameproof and explosion proof for hazardous areas. We cater to downhole applications and drilling technology integration. NEMA electrical enclosures are available with cutouts for touch screens, sun shields and hoods.

  • Top Drive Enclosures
  • Dog House Enclosures
  • CIP Panels
  • HMI Enclosures
  • Frac and Remote Frac Control Enclosures


Flameproof Ex d Electrical Enclosures (DNV) - Technor

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