Ecom Smart Muff - ATEX Hazardous Area Headset

Ecom Smart Muff - ATEX Hazardous Area Headset

Hazardous Area Headset ATEX IECEx Certified

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Ecom ATEX Certified Hazardous Area Headsets

Ecom Smart Muff ATEX

 Ecom Smart Muff hazardous area headset means there is no need to connect to other devices for short distance communication. The Ecom Smart Muff enables ear muff to ear muff communication in high noise environments up to 50 yards and is perfect for hazardous area workers working in groups where short distance communication is critical.

Sensear devices are powered by the groundbreaking SENS™ technology, which simultaneously combines speech enhancement with noise suppression to deliver a total high noise communications and protection solution by recognizing the different properties of speech and background noise.

SENS™ enables users to remain aware of their surroundings, communicate in noisy environments and protect their hearing from harmful noise. Featuring a rugged design for heavy duty and general use in environments requiring intrinsically safe certification, the Ecom Smart Muff is a simple to use, extremely comfortable communication device that delivers face to face, two-way or Bluetooth® cell phone communication, all without the need to remove hearing protection.

Pictured: Ecom Smart Muff - ATEX Hazardous Area Headset

Ecom Smart Muff Hazardous Area ATEX Headset

Ecom Smart Muff Hazardous Area ATEX Headsets

Key Features

  • Allows communication in environments above 85 dB (A)
  • Protects against all forms of noise - Impact, Intermittent, Continuous
  • Safely hear your surroundings whilst also hearing speech
  • Binaural Capability - Hear the direction of Speech and other sounds
  • Face to face communication
  • Extra soft ear cushions for longwearing comfort
  • Industrial ruggedized

Technical Data

  • 2-Way radio interface
  • Wireless Bluetooth® connection to cellular phones
  • Communicate short range distances Ear Muff to Ear Muff, up to 50 yards


Ecom Smart Muff - ATEX Hazardous Area Headset - Spec Sheet

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