CSD Sealing Systems for Firetight, Gastight & Watertight Sealing for Offshore Cable & Pipes

CSD Sealing Systems for Firetight, Gastight & Watertight Sealing for Offshore Cable & Pipes

CSD Rise - Cable Duct, Transit & Pipe Seals - ATEX, DSEAR Compliant

Watertight, Gastight & Firetight Sealing for Offshore Cables & Pipes

CSD Sealing Systems provide the most advanced and reliable solutions to firetight, gastight andCable Pipe Seal Transits - DNV Approved watertight sealing of cable and pipe entries in offshore applications. CSD Sealing systems meet the European Council Directive 96/98 EC on marine equipment and are covered by EC (MED) certificates issued by DNV.

Typical Offshore Cable & Pipe Sealing Applications

  • Penetrating fire boundaries
  • Penetrating water-tight and gas-tight boundaries
  • Penetrating A0/H0 bulkheads
  • Penetrating smoke-tight boundaries
  • Adding new water-tight and fire-tight boundaries
  • Running new cables/pipes during service life
  • Pipes corroding within penetrations
  • Penetrating external hull

CSD Sealing Systems are tested by Lloyds Register and DNV - providing effective performance against the spread of fire, gases or water in offshore environments.

Firetight, Gastight & Watertight Sealing for Offshore Cable & Pipes

A60/H120 fire-tight and water-tight cable and pipes seals for bulkhead and decks - A0/H0 approved without additional insulation. EC (MED) certified sealing in accordance with EC Marine Directive 96/98. 

Water-tight & Gas-tight
Tested up to 6.9 bar pressure - approved post fire/post shock.

MOD Approved
In accordance with DEF STAN 02-510.

Low Toxicity, Low Smoke, Non-Flammable Materials
Halogen free and meets ISO standards and DEF STAN 02-711 & 02-713.

High Shock Resistance
Tested to DEF STAN 08-120 up to 850g, followed by 6.9 bar pressure test.

Jet Fire Tested
Tested to ISO 22899-1 : 2007 and ISO/CD 22899-2 for up to 2 hours.

Blast Protection
Provides 1 bar blast protection.

Vibration Resistant
Provides 1 bar blast protection.

EMP/EMI Protection
High attenuation protection of 35-100dB.

Chemical & Biological Resistant
Resists acid and salt laden atmospheres, solar radiation and biological attack.

Allows Pipe Movement
Dynamic cycling tests allowed displacement of 10mm, tested to 100,000 cycles at 0.5Hz.

Prevents Corrosion
Isolates service pipes to prevent cathodic corrosion and prevents water ingress or moisture build up in the frame.

NEWS CSD Sealing Systems Chosen for Offshore Substation Platforms - Harland and WolffCSD Cable Pipe Seals secured the project from Siemens to design and build two offshore substation platforms for the Gwynt y Mor offshore wind farm ; to be positioned off the coast of North Wales. They have awarded CSD Sealing Systems the contract, against stiff competition, to supply their full range of cable and pipe sealing products - developed by the market leader in transit fire protection, Beele Engineering - that will ensure fire, water and gastight sealing protection for all cable transits and pipe penetrations throughout the operating life of the offshore substations.

CSD RISE multi-cable transit system is being installed on the LV low voltage and HV high voltage cable transits and SLIPSIL Sealing Plugs on the pipe penetrations. The LV-HV electrical substations should be completed by summer 2012 and producing electricity to approximately 400,000 British households by 2013 and is one of the largest projects of its kind in the UK.

CSD are the market leaders in the supply of cable and pipe sealing systems for the marine and offshore industry, having extensive experience of supplying offshore engineers with specialist cable and pipe sealing solutions for almost 20 years. CSD experience of working in hazardous area industries and the performance of CSD products in arduous environments has helped CSD win the work on this prestigious project and they look forward to playing their part in the success of the Harland and Wolff contract.

CSD products, manufactured by Beele Engineering in the Netherlands, have been installed in a wide range of offshore situations, including a number of offshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms and naval vessels.

"We understand that high-risk environments require the highest levels of safety and deliver solutions that are safe, cost effective and flexible. This is a very exciting project for CSD and we are delighted to be involved with the expansion of renewable energy sources, including offshore wind, around the UK." David Ripley, Managing Director.

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