SebaKMT Cable Fault Locators (TDR)

SebaKMT Cable Fault Locators (TDR)

SebaKMT TDR Cable Fault Locators

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SebaKMT are the leading manufacturer of measurement equipment for the diagnosis of cable networks and for cable fault location. Cable faults are the ''natural enemy'' of reliability. The innovative SebaKMT products make it possible to quickly localise low and high voltage cable faults without causing damage to fault-free parts of the cable.

SebaKMT TDR cable fault locators have been used in the CATV and Telecommunications industries for many years and are now growing in popularity for troubleshooting a wide variety of cable problems. The TDR cable fault locators also have several other uses that can benefit the operations of utility companies. 

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SEBA KMT TDR Cable Fault Locations


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SebaKMT Cable Fault Location in Power Cables Guide

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