Siemens Fuses

Siemens Fuses

T&D UK are distributors for Siemens Beta Protecting Sitor Fuses

Siemens Beta Protecting SITOR Fuses are intended for protecting diodes and semiconductors.

Siemens SITOR protection fuses for power semi-conductors provide reliable protection against short-circuits and overloads -  the super-quick disconnect characteristic is far quicker than that of conventional LV HRC fuses. Siemens SITOR fuses protect expensive devices and system components such as converters with fuses in the input and in the DC link, UPS systems and soft starters for motors.

Siemens SITOR fuses with blade contacts comply with IEC 60269-2 and are suitable for installation in LV HRC fuse bases, in LV HRC switch disconnectors and in switch disconnectors with fuses. They also include Siemens fuses with slotted blade contacts for screw fixing with 110 mm mounting dimension whose sizes comply with IEC 60269-4.

Siemens SITOR fuses have a high varying load factor, which ensures a high level of operating safety - even when subject to constant load change.

The use of SITOR fuses in LV HRC bases or Siemens switch disconnectors has been tested with regard to heat dissipation and maximum current loading, the high standard of quality ensures good compliance with the characteristic curve and accuracy. This ensures long-term protection of devices.

SITOR Semiconductor HRC Fuses - Classes

Siemens SITOR aR fuses : for the protection of power semi-conductors (partial protection)

Siemens SITOR gR fuses : for the protection of power semi-conductors (full protection)

Siemens SITOR gS fuses : gS operational class combines cable and line protection with semiconductor protection (full range protection).


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