Nexans Joints & Terminations

Nexans Joints & Terminations

T&D UK are stockist distributors for Nexans, Euromold, Elastimold Screened Separable Connectors, Cable Joints and Terminations.

A screened connector is an encapsulated, safe to touch cable termination used to connect HV cables to the epoxy bushings of high voltage electrical equipment including transformers, switchgear and motors.

Nexans Euromold Elastimold screened separable connectors and elbows are used to terminate high voltage cables with polymeric insulation (XLPE & EPR) onto switchgear and transformer bushings up to 33kV. 
Nexans Euromold Elastimold screened separable connectors and elbows suit manufacturers equipment including ABB, Siemens, Alstom, Brush & Hawker Siddley, 11kV-33kV.

Nexans Euromold bushings are available for oil, air and gas insulated switchgear and transformers to CENELEC EN50180 and ANSI IEEE 386 standards.

Nexans Euromold manufacture 11kV-33kV pre-moulded EPDM separable elbow connectors, heat shrink cable joints and terminations, cold shrink cable joints and terminations and epoxy bushings for high voltage switchgear and transformers. Euromold cable accessories meet CENELEC HD929.1, CENELEC EN50180, IEC 137, IEEE 386 & 404.

Nexans Euromold Seperable Connectors - The Advantages
*No minimum distances required - suitable for compact HV substations
*Safe to touch accidentally when energised
*Maintenance free HV cable terminations for switchgear, transformers, motors
*Quick and easy to install by trained HV cable jointers
*Fully watertight cable termination - IP67 ingress protection
*Complete ranges for 11kV to 33kV cable connections
*Suitable for outdoor cable termination without cable box

Nexans Euromold High Voltage Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink Cable Terminations up to 33kV

Nexans HV cable terminations are suitable for 6.6kV, 11kV, 24kV, 33kV and 42kV cable networks. HV terminations suit single and 3 core polymeric insulated (XLPE and EPR) and paper insulated (PILC and PICAS) cables with copper tape or copper wire screens - heat shrink and cold shrink HV terminations are available.

Nexans provides a complete range of HV terminations, HV joints, HV separable connectors and HV equipment bushings up to 33kV. HV cable terminations and joints are available in heat or cold shrink technologies as well as slip-on. For paper insulated cables, a full range of HV terminations and joints (including transition joints) is also available. Separate connectors are produced in both EPDM and silicone rubber.

HV Heat-shrinkable Terminations and Joints - Nexans
Suitable for single or 3-cores, paper or polymeric insulated cables up to 33kV. The high quality heat-shrinkable non-tracking tubes and stress control tubes of the terminations provide long term performance and the highest reliability for indoor as well as for outdoor applications. The heat-shrinkable cable joints offer an easy to install and reliable connection.

HV Cold-shrinkable Terminations and Joints - Nexans
Suitable for single core, paper or polymeric insulated cables up to 24kV cold-shrinkable accessories set new standards in installation technique. All functions are integrated in single piece which is factory installed on plastic supporting tubes. After standard cable preparation, the pre-expanded accessory is positioned over the cable and shrunk by extracting the supporting tubes.

HV Slip-on Terminations and Joints - Nexans
Suitable for single core polymeric insulated cables up to 33kV, this range of pre-molded slip-on HV terminations and joints is made of silicone or EPDM rubber. HV terminations in silicone-rubber are single pieces while EPDM terminations are modular. Both can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Straight joints for polymeric cables are available in EPDM or silicone rubber. Cable repair joints also exist in silicone rubber.


Nexans Euromold (Elastimold) Separable Connectors 200 Series


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Nexans Euromold (Elastimold) Separable Elbow Connectors 700 Series


Nexans Euromold Screened Separable Connectors - Technical


Nexans Euromold Terminations, Cable Joints, Heat Shrink, and Cold Shrink

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