Marechal - Global Leader in Decontactors

Marechal - Global Leader in Decontactors

MARECHAL Electric group is a global leader specialising in electrical decontactors for use in demanding environments such as the food and drink, nuclear power, heavy industry, infrastructure and ATEX sectors.

The unique design of MARECHAL decontactors protects workers by eliminating the risk of disconnecting a ‘live’ connection whilst also allowing disconnection and reconnection to be performed more quickly, to reduce maintenance time and cost.

With subsidiaries and partners across five continents, MARECHAL’s 300-strong team has doubled turnover since 2005, achieving sales of over €60 million in 2009. At least 5% of MARECHAL’s turnover is re-invested each year in research and development.

MARECHAL’s commitment to the future is to undertake continual innovation and product development and to strengthen its commercial presence and leadership in its core vertical markets. Through constant dialogue with customers, MARECHAL develops highly differentiated products which are designed to meet the complex and varied constraints of the most challenging environments.

Qualification to national and international certification standards guarantees efficient and sustainable performance.

MARECHAL remains true to its founding principle, established in 1953, of protecting workers by guaranteeing safety when installing or maintaining electrical equipment.

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