Multi-Contact Electrical Connectors for ATEX Environments

Multi-Contact Electrical Connectors for ATEX Environments

Designed for use in hazardous areas, multi-contact ATEX electrical connectors, from MARECHAL, combine compliance to the 94/9/CE safety standard for explosive environments, with watertight sealing to CEI 60529 (IP66/IP67), corrosion-resistant contacts and easy operation.

Available in ATEX PXN12C, DXN25C and DXN37C formats, MARECHAL ATEX sockets and appliance inlets can be wall-mounted, inclined, or installed as coupler sockets. This wide range of configurations and mounting options allows these connectors to fit many process applications.

With a single-button mechanism for fast and easy connection and disconnection, MARECHAL ATEX connectors enhance operator safety by containing arc flashes within the plug. Housed in a metal casing, the unique silver-nickel butt contact system is corrosion resistant to give a high level of durability and provides next-level electrical performance and reliability despite the presence of contaminants or water.

Multi-Contact Atex Approved Marechal Plugs and Sockets

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