What Goes Into A Good Cable Joint Kit?

What Goes Into A Good Cable Joint Kit?

Injection Moulded Shells
Rigid and very strong, the cable joint snap-lock shell design forms an excellent seal and prevents jointing resin leakage when the cable jointer is jointing cables.

Mechanical Connectors
MC1/0 to MC1/3 mechanical connectors have been especially designed to accept the same range of cable sizes as the CM0 to CM3 LV cable joints they are supplied with. Machined mechanical connectors from solid brass are suitable for either copper or aluminium conductors. Two Allen screws for each cable core ensure a sound electrical performance and an Allen key is also provided with each cable joint kit to ensure that everything needed to joint a cable is included in the one box (CM and CB “+C” cable joint kit ranges). The connector range is complemented with larger aluminium alloy connectors.

Earth Braid
Offers significant advantages over “single wire type” earth continuity systems, which can fail if poorly positioned within wire armour cores that have “spread”. The flat, soft braid ensures good electrical contact and is insulated for extra protection.

Constant Force Springs
Cable joints move and expand due to earth shift and heat from electrical current. Constant force springs react to this movement and maintain a sound electrical connection between the steel wire armouring and the earth continuity braid.

Core separators
Provide safe separation of cable cores and mechanical or crimp connectors.

Two-part resin
CTL’s long-proven cable jointing resin formula is of such quality that it is equally suitable for both LV and MV jointing applications and provides excellent adhesion to PVC, XLPE, polythene and paper cables. Cable jointing resin is supplied in two-part easy-mix packaging, ensuring both convenience and safety.

CTL cable joint kits are supplied in especially robust and rigid boxes to withstand stacking both in warehouses and in pallets. These boxes are also popular with cable jointers since they can be used as “mini workbenches”.

Detailed, clear and concise cable jointing instruction sheets, mostly printed in full colour, ensure there is no ambiguity about safe cable jointing procedures.

Breadth of range
There are few, if any, combinations of power cables that CTL cannot joint. T&D offer over 400 variations of resin cable joints including special versions for mines & quarries, oil and petrochem, telecom & control and cathodic protection. Cable joint kits utilise both resin and heatshrink technologies and are supplied for both LV and MV applications.

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