CTL Components Cable Joints

CTL Components  Cable Joints

T&D UK are stockist distributors for CTL Components Cable Joints, Kits and Accessories.

CTL Clearcast low voltage resin cable joints to suit XLPE, EPR, PILC and Utility cables- straight, branch, transition and pot-end cable joints.

CTL Low Voltage Resin Cable Joint Kits
Straight Joint Kits
Branch Joint Kits
Cathodic Protection Joint Kits
Multicore Control & Pilot Cable Joint Kits
Multipair Telecom Cable Joint Kits
Mines & Quarries Cable Joint Kits
Oil & Petrochem Cable Joint Kits
1.9/3.3kV Cable Joint Kits
Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Joint Kits

CTL Cold Pour Two-Part Resins
Two Part Polyurethane in Aluminium Foil Pack
Designed to meet: BS6910, BS7888, CENELEC HD623 S1, and EN50393:2006

CTL Cable Accessories
Mechanical Connectors
Cable Glands
Cable Cleats
Underground & Barrier Tape
Cable Clamps
Low Voltage/Heatshrink Tubing
Anode Caps
Heatshrink Cable End Caps
Heatshrink Cable Breakouts


CTL Cable Jointing Kits Trade Price List - 2011


Resin Cable Joints - CTL Clearcast Resin Cable Joints & Jointing Kits

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