Thames Water DSEAR Maintenance Program Installs CSD Rise Duct Seal Kits

Thames Water DSEAR Maintenance Program Installs CSD Rise Duct Seal Kits

Client: Thames Water Utilities Ltd  
Location: 6,000 sites across Thames Water Network      
Date: 2010 & 2011

CSD Duct Seals Project

Thames Water have successfully sealed in excess of 3000 cable and pipe ducts using CSD Rise Sealing Systems. The Rise Duct Seal was selected by Thames for their DSEAR maintenance program following successful installations across the Thames network to seal cable and pipe ducts against water, sewerage and gas ingress. CSD Rise compliance with the Dangerous Substances and  Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), reduces the risk to people's safety from fire and explosion. Thames Water chose the CSD Rise Sealing System based on the simple installation but also the high level of integrity it provided.

CSD Rise aided the success by training 7 teams to ensure installation was carried out to a high standard and within a short timescale. A program of quality inspections were also agreed to certify that their cable ducts were correctly sealed and provide high levels of protection in the event of any disaster situation.

With the Rise system, CSD provides a high performing gas and watertight seal tested to last in excess of 50 years, with the benefit of easily adding or removing cables at anytime in the future. The Rise Duct Seal, which is included within the current WIMES specification, ensures compliance with the DSEAR regulations, even in misshapen, rectangular and vertical ducts, with a large volume of cables passing through.

The system is now being specified and used by the majority of the Water Utility Companies and their contractors to seal water and gas tight ducts across the UK.


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