3M Launches Tough Mining Tape for Extreme Mining Applications

3M Launches Tough Mining Tape for Extreme Mining Applications

3M, inventor of industry standard 3M Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape, is introducing Scotch 31 Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31, a tough, abrasion-resistant electrical tape for mining cables. Scotch 31 is used for quick, on-site cable jacket repair and cable splicing of mining cable, the 3M tape is flexible, and the self-healing property of the mastic keeps out moisture. Made in the USA, 3M Scotch Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31 is oil and chemical resistant and is approved by the Mining Safety & Health Administration and the Pennsylvania Mining Authority. The Scotch tape is printed with the MSHA logo/approval number, P-07-KA080005-MSHA.

3M is also launching a complete line of splice kits. Contents of the 3M Mining Tape Splice Kits 3100 series vary by application purpose and voltage class (600V to 15kV): cable powering long wall machines and continuous miners/clawers, cable powering shuttle cars, pinners, roof bolters and feeder cables; and high voltage distribution cable.

The 3M Electrical Markets Division, based in Austin, Texas, designs, manufactures and markets products for industrial maintenance, utility and industrial power, electrical construction, and electrical and electronic components. 3M EMD has more than 60 years of experience serving customers with highly reliable products, including electrical and electronic insulating tapes and papers; electromagnetic compatible products; power cable splices and cable terminations; high-temperature, low-sag transmission conductors; heat shrinkable tubing and molded shapes; electrical wire connectors, terminals, tools and lugs; wire marking products; cable ties; and electrical diagnostic and detection products.

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