3M Introduces First High Voltage Cold Shrink Termination for Reduced Wall Cable

3M Introduces First High Voltage Cold Shrink Termination for Reduced Wall Cable

3M expands its line of cold shrink products for high voltage applications with the first termination kits for 69/72,5kV reduced-wall cable. The first high-voltage cold shrink product, a termination kit for 69kV standard-wall cable, was introduced in 2005.

The 3M Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Termination Kits QT-III, 7672-S-8 (RW) for 69/72,5kV are designed for indoor or outdoor use and to be highly reliable – they meet or exceed the requirements of IEC 60840 for 72,5kV, and solid dielectric insulation, such as PE, XLPE and EPR shielded high voltage cables.

The new 3M cold shrink termination is easier to install than other heat shrink termination technologies, requiring no tools or heat source. Its light weight means that a crane is not required to install the 3M cold shrink termination for overhead line, pole top mounted or outdoor HV cable termination applications.The simpler installation process can make possible a lower total installed cost and help reduce craft and cable jointing errors that may threaten reliability.

This new cold shrink termination kit is designed to accommodate a wide range of cables and solid dielectric insulations in thicknesses of 400- to 470-mil (10.2 to 11.9 mm). 3M terminations are rated for 325kV BIL performance levels and covers a conductor size range of 250-2000 kcmil (120-1000 square millimeters).

Since 3M first developing cold shrink technology for low and medium voltage applications more than 30 years ago, 3M has made a series of improvements to this technology. 3M cold shrink QT-III termination kits have been shown in field experience and laboratory tests to be reliable, even in challenging environments. Once applied, the cold shrink tube creates a dynamic, compressive environmental seal and electrical interface - without sealants or adhesives - and resists ultra-violet radiation, ozone and industry-approved cable cleaners.

3M HV Cold Shrink Termination Kit QT-III 69-72.5kV


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