3M Cold Shrink Joint Kits to 69kV Line

3M Cold Shrink Joint Kits to 69kV Line

Cold Shrink Joint Kits

3M Cold Shrink Joint Kits QS-III join the 3M Cold Shrink Termination Kits QT-III to complete 3M’s line of 69/72.5kV cable accessories for high voltage power transmission and distribution, petrochemical, transportation and other heavy industry applications.

The 3M cold shrink joint body is a one-piece molded design made of specially formulated silicone rubbers and the jacketing is made of EPDM rubber for physical protection. Each cold shrink joint is pre-tested in the 3M factory before it is shipped. The cable joint kits contain a 69kV (IEEE)/72.5kV (IEC) class joint for connecting polymeric insulated cables. The new high voltage cold shrink joints cover conductor ranges up to 2000 kcmil (1000mm²). 3M technicians provide HV cable jointer training and project support in the field for these high-voltage cold shrink accessories.

3M High Voltage Cold Shrink Joint Kits QS-III have been in extensive field trials for the past 12 months and have been installed successfully in Europe and the United States. 3M’s first entry into the high-voltage market was with 3M Cold Shrink Termination Kits QT-III for 69kV/72.5kV. 3M’s cold shrink technology has proven to be highly reliable in the field, and because cold shrink products do not require tools or torches to install, they save time and money.

3M invented cold shrink technology more than 40 years ago. Numerous low, medium and now, high-voltage products have followed, including cold shrink joints, terminations, abandonment kits, end caps and tubings. Once installed, a cold shrink joint body creates a superior electrical interface without sealants or adhesives.

3M 66kV-69kV Approved HV Cold Shrink Joints and Terminations


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