3M Offers New Cold Shrink Splice Kit for 46kV Cable

3M Offers New Cold Shrink Splice Kit for 46kV Cable

3M has introduced a new cold shrink inline splice kit designed to splice 46kV solid dielectric power cable. The new 3M Cold Shrink Splice Kit QS-III5545A is designed for cables with a conductor size range from 4/0 AWG-1000 kcmil, which are typically used by power utilities and heavy industry.

The cold shrink splice kit includes all of the components to splice tape shield, UniShield, wire shield and Longitudinally corrugated (LC) cable. This cable splice can be used with standard copper or aluminium inline compression (crimp type) connectors. The cold shrink splice body is a one-piece molded design made of specially formulated silicone rubbers, and the cold shrink jacketing is made of EPDM rubber for physical and moisture protection. Transitions between cables of different sizes can be accommodated.

Each 3M cold shrink cable splice is factory tested to provide reliability - they are designed to meet minimum industry test standards and have a BIL rating of 250kV. 3M splices meet the 46kV Voltage Class rating requirements of IEEE Std. 404.


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