Legend Non-shrinking Tubing

Legend Non-shrinking Tubing

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Siver Fox : Legend Non-shrinking Tubing

  • Specification : Legend Non-shrinking PVC Tubing
  • Type : Thermal Non-shrink Cable Label

Legend Non-shrinking cable labels are printed using Silver Fox Fox-in-a-box thermal printer.


  • Non-shrink vs Heatshrink

Non shrink is 20% cheaper than heatshrink. Can print using same printer and same ribbon as heatshrink. Using non-shrink in hazardous areas is safer as a heat gun isn't needed to be used. Once in place the oval shaped non-shrink tubing doesn't move up and down as it grips the wire.


  • Non-shrink v Individual Ferrules

Metre for Metre non-shrink is about 20% of cost of individual ferrules

To put it another way, label over 5 times as many cables for the same material cost as individual ferrules. 


  • Printing Capacity

In a trial by a Silver Fox distributor 25,000 labels were printed in 4 hours, that’s 100/minute

Each Thermal ribbon is 300m. 

  • 1 roll printing: approx. 12,000 x 25mm / ribbon
  • 2 rolls printing: approx. 24,000 x 25mm / ribbon

Legend Non-shrinking Tubing


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Silver Fox Legend Non-shrinking Tubing

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