Gripple Hangers - Tips

Gripple Hangers - Tips

Gripple Recommendations........................

Environment - Do not use standard Gripple hangers in saturated humidity or chlorinated atmospheres : only stainless steel Gripple hangers should be considered for installations in these type of corrosive environments. Use standard Gripple hangers and fasteners in dry and air conditioned environments only.

Loads - Always operate Gripple products within its stated safe working load range.

Lifting - Do not use Gripples for lifting, such as in crane or pulley situation.

Movement - Do not use Gripple hangers to hang moving services, or objects subject to sudden, repeated dynamic movement, Gripple hangers and fasteners are purpose designed for hanging statically positioned mechanical, HVAC and electrical services (cable containment).

Jointing - Do not joint two lengths together to create a longer assembly by splicing with a Gripple or other device. A Gripple hanger must comprise of one Gripple fastener and one length of cable (wire rope).

Painting - Do not paint Gripple products or fasteners - ensure that the Gripple is in its final position and protected with the decor cover prior to applying any paint to the wire rope assembly.

Re-Use - Gripple hangers may be adjusted and refitted during the course of an original and primary installation. Should the product be subsequently dismantled at a later date, with the intention of forming a brand new wire rope installation, then aspects of the product, including the locking mechanism should be inspected for signs of damage and wear and tear, and if detected, should be discarded.

Wire Fraying - Prior to assembly, remove any frayed or damaged end on the cable/wire rope using a Gripple wire rope cutter.

Y-Fits - When installing "Y-fit" double leg hangers, the final inclusive angle at the ferrule should not exceed 60 degrees.

Ducting - When installing Gripple wire rope fasteners around round/spiral ducting or pipes, the final inclusive angle of the assembly should not exceeed 60 degrees.

Stainless Steel - In high corrosion environments, inspect installations periodically for any signs of damage. Any corroded Gripple should be replaced as necessary.

Toggles - Toggles should be matched by size to the following hole diameters,
No 1 Gripple Hanger - 6mm Diameter Hole
No 2 Gripple Hanger - 8mm Diameter Hole
No 3 Gripple Hanger - 10mm Diameter Hole


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