Cablofil Steel Wire Cable Tray Achieves Speedy Installation

Cablofil Steel Wire Cable Tray Achieves Speedy Installation

Whatever the fortunes of the teams on the pitch, Cablofil has scored a successful start to the season at Cardiff FC’s new stadium after supplying all the steel wire cable tray for the venue’s data and services cabling.

Several kilometres of Cablofil steel wire cable tray has been installed by N G Bailey in the concourse areas all around the perimeter of the stadium, with additional cable tray in the stadium’s main West Stand. The Cablofil system was pre-fabricated in sections at its specialist off-site facility, making installation even quicker and simpler for the on site team in Cardiff.

The original specification for the stadium included perforated steel cable tray for the power cabling with Cablofil steel wire cable trays for data cables. However, the speed and ease of installation of the Cablofil system meant that the contractor was happy to use it for both power and data, making pre-fabrication off-site much simpler. The Cablofil cable tray system has been installed in two tiers around the whole perimeter of the concourse, with two runs of tray – one 500mm, one 300mm – on the top tier and three runs of tray – one 300mm and two 200mm – along the lower tier.

This tiered tray structure has then been suspended under the stadium’s concrete terracing 5m above where the football fans will cheer on their teams. In the stadium’s West Stand, the continuous loop of Cablofil that runs around the concourse becomes level two of four tiers of tray, with various sizes of tray ranging from 150mm to 300mm making up the additional tiers.

The cable tray will be used to contain a wide variety of cables including all the stadium’s steel wire armoured (SWA) power cabling, cat 6 cables, fibre optic cabling for the stadium’s building management system and FP200 fire-proofed fire alarm and data cabling. Cablofil steel dividers have been used throughout to separate power and data cables, helping to keep the number of runs of cable tray to a minimum.

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